You may be wanting a Kawaii girls name for yourself or perhaps for a new baby girl on the way! I found a great long list of Japanese girls names that crop up in Anime and Manga along with the meanings. I have selected a few which appear to be Kawaii and particularly cute.

  • AI meaning “love” (愛藍) 
  • AIKA meaning “love song” (愛佳) 
  • AIKO meaning “child of love” (愛子) 
  • AKEMI meaning “bright beautiful” (明美) 
  • AYAKA meaning “colorful flower” (彩花) 
  • CHOUKO meaning “butterfly child” (蝶子) 
  • FUMIKO meaning “child of abundant beauty” (富美子) 
  • HOSHIKO meaning “star child” (星子) 
  • KIYOMI meaning “pure beauty” (清美) 
  • KUMIKO meaning “long-time beautiful child” (久美子) 
  • MAIKO meaning “child of dance” (舞子) .
  • MICHIKO meaning “beautiful wise child” (美智子) 
  • MIU meaning “beautiful feather” (美羽) .
  • SORA meaning “sky” (昊 / 空) – Japanese unisex name
  • YOSHIKO meaning “child of goodness” (良子) 

Here’s a unique idea inspired by the above!! 

If you’re thinking of giving a Japanese name to your new born child OR you’d like to see their existing name in Japanese letters (so much more decorative and very fashionable) then you’re in luck because creating this Japanese names list gave me the idea of how to make this possible for you.

I did a quick search and couldn’t see anything I could point you to, hence I have created my own range of easily customizable baby gifts (adults items to follow) to make this really easy and accessible.

Below is the very first design!! 

Add your baby name in Japanese Letters so Kawaii
Add your baby name in Japanese Letters so Kawaii by JapaneseNames
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 I have created a range of baby items with template fields that you simply edit with your desired details as follows:

Details re how to add your babies name in English AND Japanese Lettering are detailed in each items description, including an app which allows you to FIND the Japanese lettering version of your name.

I will be adding more as this is a new inspiration of mine. In the meantime  bookmark the store page –* and stay informed.

I am designing some for you too!

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