Welcome to the home of PinkyP – Kawaii Girl Fashionista

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Who is PinkyP?

PinkyP is the cartoon creation of LeahG. She is a super cute kawaii girl with gorgeous curly pink hair. Hence the name – PinkyP!

She is a trend setting fashionista and like all girls loves her clothes and accessories.

PinkyP is the new cute and trendy fashion icon for clothes, accessories, bedroom decor and gifts for girls of all ages, but especially teen girls who love all things Kawaii .. all things Cute.

PinkyP is available from various online stockists – detailed at the end of this page.

What is Kawaii?

Kawaii is a Japanese phrase and it simply means ‘cute'. The Japanese are engulfed in kawaii culture and hope to spread this trend across the world. So if you haven't experienced much ‘Kawaii fashion' before, you will soon. As a fashionista PinkyP is ahead of the times in the West and has already adopted the Kawaii culture and a special love for Lolita Fashion.

What is Lolita Fashion?

teen girl lolita gifts

Lolita fashion gives a ‘nod' to Victorian style dolls dresses and evening gowns with a big emphasis on Kawaii …cute. It is largely a fashion for older girls who wish to be cute, modest and demure.
Lolita fashion has many subsets, many of which PinkyP displays on her wide range of gifts and accessories.
To view all the items in the Kawaii PinkyP range visit her range of stores which include a variety of items at differing prices, so do shop around to find your PinkyP bargain!

trendy room decor teen girl
  • PinkyP Redbubble – trendy Totes!

I hope you enjoy Fashion Diva PinkyP and follow her through her fashion travels. If you're a parent of a teen girl and these fashion trends don't mean anything to you, don't worry! Just think back to your youth and how much you adored your dolls and their cute dresses and accessories and you'll understand your daughters love of Kawaii Lolita fashion.