Over time I have joined a few Lolita Fashion groups (all closed) on Facebook and in every single instance the admin. and some members have been like Sargent Majors and anything but sweet. I am left wondering if perhaps they dress in Lolita fashion to hide their inner ugliness. It really is bizarre how hostile they can be.

I have a Kawaii Lolita Facebook group and it is warm, inviting and you definitely won’t get any lectures followed by multiple exclamation marks. If you have been on the wrong side of Lolita Fashion Police, do join my group. We’re sweet inside and outside! πŸ™‚ My group is also public, we have nothing to hide. It’s a wonderful fashion, crafty. artsy place to meet, promote and chat about anything that falls within the realm of Kawaii, Lolita and every other cute, street Japanese Fashion.