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Please give a warm welcome to Sabrina from featured store Petit Koenji 

” Petit Koenji was started by my best friend, Dora Diamant, and myself after a trip to Koenji in Tokyo, we loved this neighbourhood so much, we were super influenced!!!

What we especially loved about it was that it's an old neighbourhood full of independent shops with a real mixture of traditional and trendy!

In each shop you can really feel the personality of the shop owners, every bar and shop is very personal and this is what really inspired us!!! The idea that our shop should really represent us!

Dora and myself, have known each other since forever and we've been fans of Japanese pop culture for the longest time!

We'd always dreamed of doing a project together but we lacked the time! But one day, I had a flash of inspiration and started Petit Koenji, at first it was just a website and a Facebook page but it got the project started!

Dora soon joined and we eventually found a shop in Tooting Market last December!

It really has been a dream come true to start this shop!! Every item we sell is something we really love, and we have tried to make it as individual as possible like the shops in Tokyo!

 We sell things we bring back from our travels to Japan, France and Italy! From cult retro toys, Japanese imports, kawaii items, video games, 80s and 90s goodness with a wardrobe of cool vintage outfits. Check out our Site Pages here:

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