Kawaii Kimono Dolls – super cute a doll colletors dream

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I collect beautiful dolls and so this feature comes to you with much love 🙂 I am not though sharing with you details of dolls I already have. This is more of a doll wishlist! 

I am a HUGE fan of Pullip Dolls. The doll to the left is a Pullip doll with Kimono.

These are plastic (quality plastic, these are not cheap) jointed dolls, fully poseable and genuinely stunning. As such if you're a fan of Kawaii and a fan of Kimono fashion in particular you are sure to adore these Kimono Dolls regardless of whether like me you're doll obsessed.

I refer to these particular dolls as Kawaii dolls as they are so cute and unlike my existing dolls (which cannot be posed and focus on finer features) these dolls offer more in terms of styling, personalizing (many give them up-doos) and playing!

I would never dream of doing any of these things with my existing collectors dolls, they're too delicate for one thing. However with these dolls, you can handle them and as such enjoy them more. And they are every bit as captivating. I am also greatly intrigued by the way collectors customize these type of dolls. You can find reams of info and images re this via Pinterest or Youtube.

How much you may wish to alter a doll wearing traditional Kimono dress is up to you. If at all. I personally would leave as is.