Japan really does have the monopoly on Cute – We’re KAWAII crazy – why?

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If we thought we knew what was cute before, we were wrong! Japan has defined cute via KAWAII culture and it's not wrong. (Kawaii meaning ‘Cute'). Kawaii culture really does support the cutest of everything.

So what defines cute? Cute essentially is love-able and in any culture, we tend to ‘love' babies who are helpless, whether they be kittens or Pandas, we adore them. This isn't by chance it's a biological necessity. Any animal species that depends on a parent to raise it, feed it, protect it etc. has the Kawaii features which are big soulful eyes, cute button nose, little mouth, large forehead.

Consider every baby animal you know, humans included that is cared for by it's parents and you'll recognise these features.

If parents didn't feel a strong ‘love' connection with their offspring, they wouldn't care for them. So to ensure the survival of the species, those babies with parents look cute … nature dictates we think so!

Japan has hopped on the cute bandwaggon and this biological fact full force and is now the global leader for all things cute and kawaii.

They won't accept anything that is less than cute. Hello kitty is in, Cabbage Patch dolls are out.

Japan culture is now dominated by Kawaii and it's not an unwelcome change to the previous serious, colorless society that proceeded it. It symbolizes the innocence of youth, the freedom and the love-ability of childhood. It's holding on to it in a some-what exaggerated fashion.

I personally regardless of age have always liked ‘cute' and so am a natural fan of Kawaii culture, kawaii fashion and whatever else it represents. Who can't not like smiling afterall, and Kawaii definitely makes ones smile.

PinkyP is Kawaii by accident. She evolved before I had even become familiar with the term and yet she fits perfectly into Kawaii culture with her ‘Sweet lolita' fashion sense.

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