I have a secret – a shopping secret … come closer while I whisper it

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I have been such a busy bee and what fun I have had!

I've been checking out online stores, sourcing products I believe you'll really love. I have assembled them into pages for ease of viewing. The only problem being … only so many pages and yet so many shops and I want to do more shopping!! I feel a bit like a merchandiser who goes around checking out merchandise from wholesalers to put in their store. I have a friend who used to do that re handbags. Lucky girl …. looking at handbags all day, not to mention the free samples 🙂

I do hope that if you buy anything as a result of seeing it on this site that you let me know and perhaps leave a brief review of the item in comments. This includes anything negative as then I can take action to remove the item from display or even the merchant. Hopefully though everything will be rainbows and unicorns and there won't be any grisly mistakes.

I am going to order some items myself shortly. How can I not? It is too much temptation. Imagine being a wine taster and never ever buying a bottle of wine. It can't be done. I have been exposed to too many goodies.

Which brings me to a really exciting development.

In my shopping research travels I have come across a wholesaler who has fairly relaxed rules regarding how many items you are allowed to buy and so on which means that potentially you (and I) can benefit from some amazing prices regarding clothes, shoes, handbags and other of life's absolute neccessities. I shall be placing an order shortly with some co-shoppers I have roped in (daughter and friend) so we can buy enough to justify any interntaional postage fees. All things you should consider too.

I'm keeping this info on the downlow …

Asia Fashion Wholesale

Terms here re ordering