How to do ‘BiG EYE DOLL’ GYARU make-up – video tutorial

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There are loads of ‘how to do make-up' video tutorials on YouTube and all of them were not created equal 🙂

To save you sifting through dozens to find make-up tutorials that are good and worth watching, I've done the hardwork for you. I will only post video tutorials I believe are actually pretty good and will help you get the job done!

The make-up tutorial I am attaching today is specifically for BIG EYE DOLL make-up and features just one eye being made-up. You can get a very clear view of what is being done, the music isn't too annoying (can be turned off – no voice commentary) and the video quality is good. You can click off the advert that appears in the bottom of the window via the ‘X' in top right hand box.

The creator has entitled this video ‘How to do Gyaru makeup'. But it applies to Lolitas, Harajuku and many more styles. It's very pretty and looks simple. Have fun!

Meanwhile re those awesome contacts, I have also sourced for you a pretty cool site that specialises in  colored and fashion contacts here.

Meanwhile to learn a variety of liquid eye-liner techniques, below is a really helpful video. It has audio in English.