Book review – Kawaii Japan’s culture of cute

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Book review – Kawaii Japan's culture of cute

I bought this book online this week. I was inspired to buy it due to the many fab book reviews it already has on Amazon. I wanted a really decent snapshot look at Japanese Kawaii culture as I really do think it's only a matter of time before the USA and UK follow suit. 

I also wanted some static images to inspire my polymer clay creations (my new hobby). I am soooooooooo pleased! This book is one of the best value books I've bought in a long time.

You can see from my pics (my polymer clay ornaments accompany the images ;)) how beautifully this book is illustrated with vibrant printed pages of art and photography.

The information I haven't got to yet as I have to read it, but so far, it looks comprehensive and I am sure it will not disappoint.

I'll update more on that later. I am excited though and feel I can say , so far it lives up to the rave reviews it's received on Amazon. It is definitely a ‘how to be kawaii, what is kawaii' book for the Westerner ho wants to know more.

Update: I enjoyed a good hour or so flicking through my beautiful book last night. It's definitely a coffee table book that you pick up and dip into.

It's not a book you must read cover to cover in order. The chapters are super short and feature a range of Tokyo artists and their stunning and magical kawaii art and inspirations.

The book also explores the areas where Kawaii fashion has infiltrated massive business leaders and adorns Jets, Factory equipment, home furnishings, you name it! It really is everywhere and this book shows you where and why.

I will have a more detailed look this evening and start pinpointing my favorite artists to feature here.