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Here in the UK we who are uninitiated understand Cosplay to be ‘dressing in themed costume to attend comic conventions'. It is of course much more than that 🙂

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People who wear Cosplay are called Cosplayers. They wear costumes which they may buy or make themselves to represent a specific character or an ‘idea'.

It is a form of role play as oppose to merely a case of being in ‘fancy dress'. The Cosplays get into ‘role' and play the part when they attend events for other Cosplayers or where Cosplayers congrigate such as comic cons and so on.

They ‘act' the part and the conventions seem so much fun I wish we had something like this near to me. I shall have to keep my ear to the ground.

Manga and Anime greatly influence Cosplay costumes and themes with cosplayers portraying a particular character from a well known comic book, film, band. Creative cosplayers may invent their own characters. I'd have to go as PinkyP!

Cosplay costumes can be bought online and adapted and accessorized. I have sourced an amazing Cosplay store which has a vast array of every conceivable Cosplay costume. They have all sort of events going on, discounts, costumes for holiday seasons, costumes of comic heroes, popular animated characters (including Frozen Princess) and more. It really is mind boggling browsing their store. You should take a peep.

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Cosplay accessories are also a big part of this fun subculture. Items such as wigs, prop weapons, armoury, face paints, parts for costumes and so on. If you are a creative like me this is really appealing as you can have as much fun making your costume as wearing it!

I am a big fan of steampunk, so I'd have to put together a Steampunk Lolita Cosplay outfit. 🙂
Check out this Steampunk Cosplay set below. You can really ‘feel' the fun can't you 🙂


Many cosplayers take their passion very seriously and learn as much as they can about their chosen character or theme to ensure they get every detail right. Body modification can play a big part in this as result, such as wearing colored contact lenses or having tattoos. Temporary tattoos may be more practical but perhaps for the devoted fan, not as much fun.

win the free costume!Contests are often held for ‘best costume', ‘best weapon maker' and so on. It is very interactive, highly social and all about attention to detail.

Cosplay conventions can be themed around historial eras, events (a particular battle for example)  a science fiction movie (yay Trekkies – I'm a closet Trekky 🙂 ) but increasing in popularity in the West are the Anime conventions.

I hope you have enjoyed this brief introduction to Cosplay. Please do email me pics and comment below if you are a Cosplayer and tell us about the events you have attended.

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