Japanese Gyaru Fashion Bible is back Koakuma Ageha – with it an increase in Gyaru fashion? ガールズカルチャーマガジン「小悪魔

The magazine Koakuma Ageha had a reputation for being Japanese girls fashion Bible. A ‘how to dress', ‘what to buy', ‘where to buy' type of style book. The company running the magazine went bust and now it's back under new management, released mid April this year. Now if only they had an English version!! The image above links back to their Facebook page which has more info.

As you can see from the cover meanwhile Gyaru is back (if it ever left) looking slightly more demure than before.

I can't talk about Japanese fashion and not mention this magazine. I may try to get a copy – watch this space.

There is a really cool review here of the magazines memorial book or rather MOOK as it is called, released Dec 2014.