Japanese Fashion Trends – different types

Japanese Street Fashion – Sub Cultures Guide

For your convenience I have put together a collection of fashion sets featuring many of the subcultures of Japanese Street Fashion. Each set features a different subculture fashion style. 

These include Harajuku, Kawaii, Lolita, Ganguro, Gyaru and more. Below each image is a link to a post on this blog that describes that fashion style in more detail with more examples 🙂

If you can think of any I may have missed please let me know in comments.

FAQs re Japanese Street Fashion

  • What is Cosplay ?
  • What is Lolita Fashion?
  • What is Otaku?
  • What is Ganguro?
  • What is Harajuku?
  • What is Decora
  • What is Gyaru?
  • What is Kawaii?
  • What is Tokidoki?
  • What is the difference between Manga and Anime?
  • Street Fashion Sub Cultures – Pics

    Kogal – also known as Guaru gals

    Kogal fashion style is basically a school uniform but a sexed up version, ie. shorter skirts (that said in the UK the girls wear them pretty short!) loose leg-warmer type socks and often dyed hair or Cosplay style wigs.

    PinkyP is partly pulling off this look here.

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