How to Make Alice In Wonderland Earings – Silver and so Kawaii

 How to make magical Alice In Wonderland Earings with silver charms

I recently bought a mixed lot of Tibetan Silver Charms (around 100 items for £3 – $5) which I thought was an amazing bargain! I am allergic to cheap metals but I have no problem at all with Tibetan Silver and I love the rustic look of it.

I was delighted to see this mixed batch included a number of Alice in Wonderland charms. Charms such as the rabbit and deck of cards etc. There were some other Kawaii themed items too. Overall a really good haul for such a little price!

I already had some Stirling silver earing hooks and some silver jump rings so when my charms arrived, I just fixed the three items together using my jewelry pliers and presto, a lovely pair of Alice In Wonderland earings in Silver, perfect for my sensitive ears!

If you're buying anything silver online from Amazon, Etsy or Ebay, ensure you are buying silver and not silver tone, silver plated etc. Unless of course you're happy to do so. For me I need anti-allergenic jewelry, so it has to be good quality silver. You can also buy all manner of jewelry making supplies via Amazon, from beads, to all the pieces and tools and some really helpful books. I have a ton of this stuff! Jewelry making can be a bit addictive when you get into it.

Featured here are some silver Alice In Wonderland Charms and the bits and pieces you need to assemble you wonderful earings! You can also of course use these for necklaces and charm bracelets.

As a fan of all things Alice In Wonderland, I've designed my own range of doodle art gifts (all can be personalized) which are very kawaii themed! Take a look 🙂

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