Harajuku Perfume

I can't talk about Harajuku  fashion without mentioning Harajuku perfume by Gwen Stefani.

These perfume bottles are collectibles as there are a number of different Harajuku girls all with a different style of dress, their own personality and of course their own scent!

The Harajuku Lovers set shown above is a limited edition set containing 5 different scents.

  • Love Wicked Style
  • Lil' Angel Wicked Style
  • G Wicked Style
  • Music Wicked Style
  • Baby Wicked Style

If you are only after one type of Harajuku perfume or a certain volume, see below where I have assembled those available from Amazon into a niche store. This makes it easier for you to find what you are looking for.

I am an associate for Amazon hence I can create niche stores, pretty cool 🙂 Page down for more details re that via ‘disclosure'.